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Which is the better restaurant business solution, StackFood or eFood?

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Currently, one of the fastest-growing industries in the world is food delivery management. A dependable and effective restaurant management tool is essential whether you own and operate a chain of restaurants or a food delivery service in order to optimize your business operations.

Today’s market offers two well-liked choices: eFood and StackFood. While the other offers multi-branch restaurants to assist you in managing orders, deliveries, inventory, and other crucial business issues, the first offers a multi-restaurant solution.

It can take some time and effort to select a solution, though, particularly if you’re not familiar with their distinctions.

We’ll contrast StackFood and eFood in this blog post to assist you in selecting the best option for your company. We’ll assess their attributes, advantages, costs, and other elements to offer

What is StackFood

StackFood is a full-service food ordering and delivery platform created to consolidate many restaurant operations into one location. With the use of this solution's Laravel admin panel and restaurant panel, users can easily manage orders, deliveries, and supplies through an intuitive interface.

The capability of StackFood to manage numerous restaurants and menus is one of its primary advantages. It is simple for patrons to peruse the menus of different eateries, make their selections, and place orders for pickup or delivery. Restaurants can also examine reports and analytics, track deliveries, manage orders, and adjust menus with this system.

StackFood stands out from the competitors thanks to a special feature. Before any establishment, the delivery men can take orders here. It does this by making order cancellations impossible.

Customers can also choose from a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, online wallets, and cash on delivery. A delivery management system is also included in the solution, allowing restaurants to allocate orders to delivery drivers and monitor their movements in real time.

Furthermore, StackFood has an extensive reporting system that offers insightful data on restaurant performance, such as sales, revenue, and patron comments. This feature aids restaurants in improving their entire operations and making data-driven decisions.

All things considered, StackFood is a potent tool for multi-restaurant companies trying to improve customer service and expedite operations. For any company trying to advance their food ordering and delivery, StackFood is a great option because of its user-friendly design, extensive feature set, and top-notch customer service.   

Several well-known companies that use comparable technologies, such as StackFood, include:

Grabs Food 

What is eFood

With the inclusion of food delivery, eFood is a comprehensive multi-branch restaurant system that offers users an easy-to-use interface for managing a restaurant. This solution enables businesses to efficiently manage every facet of their operations with a Flutter-based client app, a Laravel admin panel, and a delivery man app.

With its many capabilities, restaurants can easily handle their orders and deliveries in an effective manner. Customers may explore restaurant menus, place orders, and track delivery in real time with its user-friendly customer app. A delivery man app is also part of the system, enabling restaurants to designate deliveries to drivers and monitor their progress.

A crucial characteristic of eFood is its capacity to manage several branches. It is simple for restaurants to run their operations across many locations because they can construct and manage multiple branches from a single admin panel. Restaurants may also handle orders, track deliveries in real time, and personalize their menus with this system.

With the Table and Kitchen apps available as add-ons, eFood provides a dine-in option that allows the owner to precisely manage his restaurant.

Customers can pay for this service using a variety of methods, such as credit cards, online wallets, and cash on delivery. A strong reporting system that offers insightful data on restaurant performance, such as sales, revenue, and customer feedback, is also part of the solution.

All things considered, eFood is a fantastic multi-branch restaurant solution that gives companies the resources they need to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. For any restaurant trying to grow, eFood is a great option because of its feature-rich features, multi-branch capability, and simple-to-use interface.


Which aspects of StackFood and eFood are similar?

There are many elements that StackFood and eFood have in common, especially when it comes to how they order and deliver meals. But it's also worthwhile to look into the parallels between StackFood and eFood, two other well-liked products on the market. Let's examine the similarities and features between these two solutions in more detail.

The following are the ways that StackFood and eFood are similar:

Free POS built-in.
Management of Promotions.
Order Administration.
Analytics and Reports.
Management of Customers.
Delivery Man Operations.
Product oversight.
Several Languages.
Different currencies.
Points for customer loyalty.

What Distinctions Exist Between eFood and StackFood?

Given all of StackFood's and eFood's similarities, are you feeling a little lost? Don't worry; I'm here to support you!

Even if these two solutions have a lot in common, they also differ from one another in a few significant ways.

The distinctions between eFood and StackFood are as follows:

Aspects StackFood eFood

Business Method

Food ordering and delivery platform

Complete single/multi-branch restaurant solution

Delivery Men

Freelancer and salary-based


Selling Own Foods

Not Available
(But possible through creating a restaurant account)



Multi-Branch Management of a Restaurant

Not Available



Multi-Restaurants Support



Not Available

Dine-in Management

Not Available



Order Confirmation Model

Both the Restaurant and Delivery Man

Only Restaurant

Business Model

Commission & Subscription

Profit from self-cooked items

Customer Order Supports

Regular and Subscription-based


Table: Differences between StackFood and eFood.

What Does eFood and StackFood Include?

If you're wondering what exactly you'll get when you buy eFood or StackFood, you'll be happy to hear that both products are jam-packed with add-ons, apps, and built-in panels. Let's examine the features that each solution provides in more detail.

These are the benefits of using StackFood and eFood:

Products StackFood eFood


Admin Panel
Restaurant Panel
User/Customer App

Admin Panel
Branch Panel
User/Customer App
Delivery App


React User Website
Restaurant App
Delivery Man App

Table/Waiter App
Kitchen/Chef App

Table: Core and Add-on products of StackFood and eFood.

Business Purposes: eFood vs. StackFood

You can raise your income and place yourself in a prominent position with both StackFood and eFood. With the help of these potent solutions plus your business acumen, vision, and prior experience, you may outperform your rivals. Let's examine the different ways these two goods can be used to make money.
The business areas of eFood and StackFood are as follows:

Which of eFood and StackFood Should I Pick?

After learning the fundamentals of both StackFood and eFood, it's time to decide which option will work best for your company's requirements. If you're still having trouble deciding, allow me to assist you in the process.

StackFood is the one you have to pick if you want to centralize all restaurants so they can use your system to sell and distribute their food.
eFood is the greatest option if you manage a restaurant and need a comprehensive solution to run your many locations (food sales, dine-in, and delivery).

The Final Word

That gives you all the information you need to conclude our in-depth analysis of StackFood and eFood. It's now up to you to select the option that would work best for your company and implement it!

We appreciate your perusal of this article. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any more questions or concerns regarding this subject. We will be pleased to give you the information you require.

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