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Top CodeCanyon Reasons to Select an Extended License

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I was like ūü§Į when I first discovered about the CodeCanyon licensing terms! Well, I’m kidding. Upon receiving the same thing, does it really make a difference? was the first thought that crossed my mind. For me, what is the monetary value?

Then, one evening, I had the thought

And at last, I succeeded.
You’ve come to the correct place if you work as a freelance software developer or for a software development company. We’ll discover what an extended license is in this blog.
For whom is it necessary? And why do they cost three times as much?
Bonus: You’ll also comprehend why an extended license is crucial for CodeCanyon.

What are CodeCanyon's Regular and Extended Licenses?

To put it briefly, you can utilize a standard license for personal projects. Conversely, you can utilize an extended license for a project that is intended for commercial usage. But does it make you more clear-headed? There are a few more variations between an extended and regular license than only how usable the project is. 

Allow me to clarify. The standard license is comparable to a chocolate bar that you brought for someone else or yourself. Using the same chocolate bar you purchased [together with other ingredients] to make a chocolate cake that you subsequently sell to someone else is known as an extended license. Furthermore, the standard license is acceptable if you're developing an eCommerce platform for your clothing store. However, an extended license is needed if you're building an eCommerce platform and offering it to a client for their clothing store. Does that imply that paying as an individual user will cost less, and paying as a huge corporation will cost more? This is where the standard license's restrictions apply.

One of the limitations of using CodeCanyon's Regular License is that the final product cannot be resold.
The license code is not transferable to another person.
The final user cannot be charged any fees.
It is solely for use on personal projects.
That's kind of alright for an individual. But the largest fishing rod is required if you intend to catch a larger fish. For instance, you wish to create an online grocery storefront. Afterwards, sell the complete website to a customer who is in need of this platform.


What Advantages Do Extended Licenses Offer on CodeCanyon?

Selecting an extended license on CodeCanyon offers flexibility and increased value for developers and buyers alike. The following are the main advantages of a CodeCanyon Extended License:

Increased Rights of Use

More usage rights are granted under the extended license than under the ordinary license.

You can charge clients for access as a developer, and you can even sell it.

Improved Client Assistance

Extended customer support from the author team is frequently included with extended licenses. Your questions will be addressed before those of others, and you'll get priority help.

Adaptability for a Range of Projects
Extension licenses provide versatility for various project uses. Without going against the conditions of the license, you can modify and customize the product to meet the needs of certain projects.

Draw in Business Clients
As a developer, you can serve customers who want eCommerce solutions fit for a business, as well as companies who need the product for commercial use.

Potential for Higher Revenues
With an extended licensing offering, you may sell licenses directly to customers anywhere in the world, which increases revenue potential.

You may receive more extended usage rights, improved customer service, flexibility for a range of projects, draw in commercial clients, and boost your income potential by utilizing CodeCanyon's Extended License.

Using 6amTech Products with the CodeCanyon Extended License

An extended license for any 6amTech product you buy comes with a unique agreement that extends beyond the terms of use outlined in CodeCanyon's license agreement. With the help of this license that 6amTech is offering, you will have more rights and capabilities for using the projects that 6amTech develops.

Advantages of Buying 6amTech Products on Extended License:

¬†‚úĒÔłŹEternal Validity of the License

‚úĒÔłŹAllowed for One Domain

‚úĒÔłŹGeneral and technical assistance for six months (In compliance with Envato support policy)

Every Premium Amenity

‚úĒÔłŹFree Update for Lifetime

‚úĒÔłŹ For Individual Project

‚úĒÔłŹFor Commercial Projects [when payment is received for the use or sale of the finished product]

‚úĒÔłŹREST API Documentation via Postman Collection

‚úĒÔłŹFree Installation of the Admin Panel in cPanel [One Time]

‚úĒÔłŹTop Priority Assistance

What you won't find anywhere else is Postman Collection documentation. Who, after all, gave these away?

For a REST API, a Postman Collection is akin to a unique set of guidelines for a computer tool known as a magical postman. It assists in keeping all the tasks you want completed by your computer neatly arranged, making it easier to remember and manage.

Last Thought

You'll feel more assured about your choice of purchase now that you understand how crucial it is to get an extended license on CodeCanyon. Please keep in mind the example of the larger fish I gave you earlier in this blog.

All of that for now. To be informed about all of our most recent blog posts, you may sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media.


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