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Installation Plans

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Installation Plans

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Hexacom - Multi Branch Supported Single Vendor Ecommerce System

Hexacom single vendor eCommerce (with multi-branch sales operation) allows you to manage all aspect of your organization from a single admin panel.

What's Included with Hexacom?

Hexacom provides all the panels, apps, and websites you need to
launch an eCommerce company right away!

Admin Panel

Organize branches, add products, and keep a central eye on all user activity.

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Branch Panel

Branch managers have access to sales reports and can manage their branch’s sales.

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User Website

Customers can use the website to browse products and make purchases.

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Customer App

Consumers can customize their checkout experience with their own smartphone app.

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Deliveryman App

Delivery personnel can guarantee smooth product delivery and inform the administrator.

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Best Fit for Fashion & Accessories
Ecommerce Brands

For fashion and accessory manufacturers looking to expand their online presence,
Hexacom offers a cost-effective alternative.

Famous Third Party Integration Facility

For the convenience of your customers, Hexacom allows you to integrate the most
well-known payment and SMS gateways globally.

Payment Methods & Gateways

SMS Gateways

Your Business, Your Product, Your Profit. It's All Yours!

With Hexacom, give your company a digital makeover and reach ten times more clients. Since you are your company's owner, all profits go to you!

Modern Technology Used for Cross Plateform Efficiency

We've put in place every cutting-edge technology required for you to maintain cross-platform usability in your eCommerce business.

How Does Hexacom Work?

Using Hexacom for business is hassle-free. Your eCommerce will be operational if you just follow the instructions.


Set Up Business.


To get started, configure the admin panel and set up third parties, business information, and policies.




Add Branches.


Using the admin panel, add one or more branches to your company so that each branch can manage sales on its own.




Incorporate new goods into your system and add product categories and attributes. so that buyers can locate it with ease.


Create Promotions.


To boost sales, add discount coupons and promotional banners to your promotional activity.


Maintain Orders.


Take orders both offline and online from a variety of sources. Integrated POS allows you to handle manual orders as well.


Real-Time Communication.


Make sure everything runs smoothly by staying in constant communication with every customer by phone and live chat.


Manage Deliveryman.


Using the admin panel, add new deliverymen, examine joining requests, and assign orders to deliverymen that are close by.


Report & Analytics.


Receive real-time information on your company's transactions, and use the cash inflow and outflow analysis to inform decisions.

Hexacom Pricing

This is a thorough summary of the required investment amount for Hexacom.

Regular License


Use the standard license to begin your project and take advantage of all the premium features with lifetime updates!

Simplified Installations, Setup and Launch

It's easy to get your business off the ground with Hexacom. You have two options: either you study our instructions and install the system yourself, or you choose a hassle-free option where we install the entire system while you take care of your business.

Hexacom FAQs

Let’s see what users ask most frequently about Hexacom.

Hexacom is an eCommerce system with support for several branches and a single vendor. It includes an admin panel in Laravel and a user app in Flutter. You can add one or more branches, product sales, and delivery from a single location with Hexacom.

You may launch any eCommerce fashion and lifestyle company as a single brand with Hexacom. such designer labels, accessories, baby products, shoe and leather goods, etc.

The whole package—which includes an admin panel, branch panel, customer website, customer app, and deliveryman app—is yours once you buy the Hexacom source code.

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