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GroFresh - Multi Branch Supported Ecommerce Solution for Grocery, Pharmacy & More

If you wish to take your pharmacy, grocery store, or other companies online, GroFresh is the best single vendor eCommerce solution (with multi-branch capability).

What's Included with Grofresh ?

Obtain all the necessary parts that are prepared to launch your eCommerce business with a single vendor!

Admin Panel

Utilize the admin panel to manage users, branches, promotions, and items.

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Branch Panel

Each branch will have its own branch panel to manage both offline and online sales.

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User Website

A user-friendly website similar to the app that allows anyone to browse and buy things.

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Customer App

cross-platform mobile application enables users to have a more contemporary experience.

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Deliveryman App

Deliverymen may easily manage and communicate deliveries with the help of this specialized software.

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Specialized in All eCommerce Niches

GroFresh was created with consideration for all eCommerce sectors that rely on products. so you can get your company online in a flash!

Integrate with World-Class Thirds Party APIs

It is simple to install and configure the GroFresh script. For practical functionality, you
can include top-notch third-party payment and SMS gateways.

Payment Methods & Gateways

SMS Gateways

Go Digital & Make More Profit with Grofresh!

You own what's yours! Utilize GroFresh to digitalize your grocery business, expand your audience, and take advantage of eCommerce supported by many branches.

Expand Your Business on All Plateform

GroFresh is now cross-platform compatible thanks to our innovative thinking and the newest technological advancements.

How Does Hexacom Work?

We made sure that the admin could operate the GroFresh system with the simplest possible approach. Just follow the instructions to manage your company.


Setting Up Business.


To get ready for the market, set up your third-party APIs, company information, and rules in your admin panel first.


 Branch Addition


After that, add branches using the admin panel. While you manage the sales from the admin panel, branches are able to manage their own sales.


Product Management.


Next, add new products to your system and incorporate product categories and attributes. Ensure that they are easily attainable by customers.


Business Promotion.


Subsequently, carry out efficient marketing campaigns by developing coupons, discounts, and banner ads that will increase sales.


Managing Orders.


Now, gather orders through a variety of offline and online methods. Additionally, use the linked POS system to streamline manual orders.


Instant Communication.


Then, make sure everything runs well by integrating live chat, phone calls, and location services for all of your business users.


Deliveryman Management.


Subsequently, utilize the admin panel to oversee your deliverymen, including allocating deliveries, evaluating joining requests, and adding new ones.


Insights & Reports.


Receive real-time information on your company's transactions, and use the cash inflow and outflow analysis to inform decisions.

Grofresh Pricing

Get started with your eCommerce business at an affordable price.

Regular License


It’s time to get your project started now! With GroFresh, enjoy lifetime upgrades and all the premium features.

Ready? Set...Launch...!

Are you prepared to begin using GroFresh? Installing, configuring, and publishing your system is all that is required. Our comprehensive documentation will help you install the script. However, if you would prefer, we can take care of the technical aspect while you focus on running your company.

Grofresh FAQs

Let’s see what users ask most frequently about Grofresh.

GroFresh is an eCommerce, store, pharmacy, and grocery system that supports many branches. The delivery guy app, website, admin panel, branch panel, and user app are all included.

Yes, of course! In the GroFresh system, you can add as many branches as you like.

You may advertise your products with GroFresh by adding banner ads, coupons, push alerts, flash sales, and category discounts.

With GroFresh, creating manual orders is quite easy. Walking consumers can place orders with branches via the integrated POS admin.

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