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The Greatest CodeCanyon Substitute for Active eCommerce CMS

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Active eCommerce is very popular among eCommerce CMS users. But new eCommerce solution providers have more competitive attributes that are both inexpensive and sustainable. This blog is for those looking for the best alternative to active eCommerce CMS in Codecanyon.

What is a CMS for eCommerce?

Without knowing how to code, businesses may generate and publish content for their eCommerce website with the help of an eCommerce content management system, or CMS.

One tool for creating, managing, and editing information is a content management system (CMS). Examples of material include emails, product descriptions, and site content.

Product descriptions, categories, coupons, push alerts, offers, personalized messages, blogs, legal pages, offers, vendor management, and other elements are necessary for an e-commerce website. An eCommerce CMS dashboard can be used to develop, manage, and publish these materials.

We don’t even have to be tech-savvy; not all of us are! We can now develop, amend, and publish dynamic content for our eCommerce website with only a few clicks, all thanks to the current eCommerce CMS.

eCommerce CMS’s significance for your company

For companies wishing to offer goods or services online, an eCommerce content management system (CMS) is an essential tool. It makes it simple for you to produce, organize, and post digital material on your website, which expands your audience, simplifies your business processes, and boosts sales.

The following are the main advantages of utilizing an eCommerce CMS:

Boosts productivity
Enhances the experience for customers
Facilitates search engine optimization (SEO) Guarantees scalability and adaptability

A set of requirements to meet in order to select the ideal eCommerce CMS.

For those who are new to this industry, selecting the ideal eCommerce CMS system can be challenging. It is impossible to determine which solution will provide you with the optimum user experience until you have tested a number of them. However, who has the resources—money or time—to try these things out?

Our years of experience in the eCommerce sector will allow us to recommend a few essential features that every eCommerce CMS system you select should have.

Whole ecosystem Range of scalability
A variety of business models
Accessibility central monitoring
Excellent reporting
Design that is intuitive
An easy-to-use dashboard
Simple way to alter content.

whole ecosystem.

The goal of an eCommerce platform is to enable customers to purchase goods or services. However, a lot of things that most users are blind to are happening in real time on the platform’s back end. You become the eCommerce CMS solution’s administrator as soon as you buy it. And from your panel, you have complete control over every part of the company. The products, the delivery personnel, the shipment and payment, the front end, the seller panel and seller app, the user panel and user app, and so on. It thereby creates an environment on its own. So, complete synchronization is essential.

Scalability range.

Enhancing your ability to manage a surge in website traffic and order fulfillment is the essence of scalability. Every eCommerce CMS is not created to be helpful.

A variety of business models.

It’s difficult to have many business models on one eCommerce CMS platform. There may come a moment when you want to launch an eCommerce platform with just one vendor and then consider growing your company to include several vendors. Moreover, it might happen the other way around. However, ensure that both are available in case the company plan needs to be modified in the future.

Accessibility central monitoring

Being the administrator of your eCommerce platform, you need to be able to design, administer, and keep an eye on every single component from a single location. This will provide you with hard facts regarding the success of your company. Your e-commerce website never “closes,” unlike a physical storefront; it is always open and ready to assist customers. The best strategy is to constantly watch.

Excellent reporting.

Real-time reporting is a feature of all eCommerce content management systems, but is it robust enough to support additional business decisions? By giving you additional insight into your customers, products, sales targets, marketing initiatives, and inventory control, a robust eCommerce CMS reporting tool helps you make more informed decisions about how to support the expansion of your company.

Design that is intuitive.

The design of the eCommerce platform should consider the needs of buyers, vendors, delivery personnel, and administrators. It should be easy for every level user to use the solution on their end.

An easy-to-use dashboard.

For you to see a clear picture of your company’s present state in one location and receive all real-time reports in one spot, the admin panel needs to have an intuitive dashboard. Prior to completing your transaction.

Simple way to alter content.

To generate, write, modify, and publish your material to the front end (website) without the assistance of a developer, you need an accessible content customisation tool. You can work on sites like the eCommerce home page, terms and conditions, refund policy, and shipping policy.

Simple way to alter content

To generate, write, modify, and publish your material to the front end (website) without the assistance of a developer, you need an accessible content customisation tool. You can work on sites like the eCommerce home page, terms and conditions, refund policy, and shipping policy.

5 best alternatives of active eCommerce CMS in Codecanyon.

Codecanyon provides the greatest content management system (CMS) for eCommerce. On this platform, eCommerce entrepreneurs, companies, and owners from around the world search for eCommerce CMS solutions.

The top 5 Active eCommerce CMS substitutes available on Codecanyon are as follows:

Isshue 6Valley Dokans MartFury FluxStore

6Valley (Analysis 4.81)

With features including a web app, mobile app, seller and admin panel, and more, 6Valley is a comprehensive eCommerce solution that lets you take care of all your CMS needs for eCommerce in one location. This dynamic solution was designed by 6amTech. Every user level benefits from a smoother experience because to its modern and user-friendly interface. Its mobile apps are available for iOS and Android.

Right now, 6Valley is the most popular, in-demand, and best-selling eCommerce CMS system available. since a full bundle is included. After you buy the solution, you’ll receive:





Web Panels
Mobile Apps
Admin Panel, role-based employee panel
User App
Seller Panel
Seller App
User Panel
Delivery Man App (Add-on)
PLUS: 1 top-notch Flutter website

able: All of 6Valley’s mobile apps and web panels.
Along with the 6Valley solution, they are all packaged together. Please be aware that the main package does not include the Delivery Man App. It must be purchased as an add-on.

The 6Valley work hierarchy is easy to use and automated. Any modifications made to the admin panel will also automatically affect the other panels and applications, and vice versa.

6Valley’s top attributes
choosing a business zone.
Turn on delivery limitations.
any API integration from a third party.
common ways to pay.
Integrated point-of-sale system available at no cost.
Simple internal product administration.
Make barcodes for each and every item.
Support for several languages (RTL enabled).
It supports an infinite amount of currencies.

Advantages: Full package: One eCommerce CMS system includes all panels and apps.

Two commercial frameworks: Even though 6Valley is an eCommerce CMS system with several vendors, you can convert the business model to a single vendor at any time.

Online and offline payment: To give customers more payment options, the administrator might permit both online and offline payment.

Minimum stock limit warning: To receive alerts when you run low on stock, choose a minimum quantity in your minimum stock limit warning option.

Promotion management system: Banner creation and posting, different offers and bargains, push alerts, and announcements are all ways to manage promotions.

Cons: There is no QR code scanning option.

Total Sale
Laravel, Flutter

charges for custom orders.

The 6Valley Deliveryman app is available for just $29, and it will strengthen your eCommerce platform.


AMCoders created the multitenancy-based eCommerce platform Dokans. They say it only takes a few clicks to construct any eCommerce platform.


The express checkout URL can be made by the seller.
Supported attribute-based price computation.
Zone-based shipping charges for custom orders.
Orders can be created by sellers on their end.
Supported payment gateways in sandbox mode.

Benefits & Drawbacks.




Intuitive back-end functions.
The sign-up procedure is not explanatory enough for vendors.
User-friendly front-end interface.
Poor sign-up validations.
Regular bug fixes and improvements.
Support for multi-currency and multilingual shops is inferior.

Table: Pros & cons of Dokans.


Boltble created Martfury, an eCommerce system for versatile online retailers, utilizing a sleek and contemporary Laravel framework. This solution is built using a grid structure to draw in more clients and raise your conversion rate.


Market items that are basic or flexible.
Product image gallery lightbox
Label, image, and color swatches
Rapid product viewing
assistance with guest checkout.

Benefits & Drawbacks.

Google Analytics: display analytics data in the admin panel.
Multiple payment methods cannot be selected.
Supports Amazon S3 and DigitalOcean Spaces.
Customers cannot create a support ticket for extensive support.
Easy to translate the front theme and admin panel to any language.
Cannot drag and draw zone from map location.

Table: Pros & cons of MartFury.


The full Flutter application FluxStore Multi-Vendor was created by InspireUI to link your current WooCommerce multi-vendor website to the Dokan plugin or WCFM (WC Lovers).


Compatible with the point and reward plugin for WooCommerce.
Animate the widget to support the countdown and flash sale.
adaptable design framework.
Allow a variety of caching techniques to make your app faster.
WooCommerce subscription product usability and brand carousel.
over 25 redesigned homepage designs.

Benefits & Drawbacks.

A free drag & drop FluxBuilder tool.
The admin web panel is not available.
One-time purchase, lifetime upgrade.
Only suitable for WooCommerce websites or Dokan plugins.
Free translation service.
Poor customer support.

Table: Pros & cons of Fluxstore..


Isshue is a multi-store eCommerce shopping cart software built by bdtask that allows you to manage inventory, orders, products, invoices, etc.


Management of the front store online.
Unlimited creation of user accounts.
completely optimized for search engines and responsive.
multilingual support is provided.
shopping cart that is dynamic.
Management of products and quotations.

Benefits & Drawbacks.

Clean PHP script.
Only has Android-supported apps.
Responsive support.
The Admin dashboard is not user-friendly.
Attractive interface.
No transaction report or analytics are available.

Table: Pros & cons of Isshue..

Bottom line.


Selecting the ideal eCommerce content management system can be difficult and complex. If you’ve read this far in the blog, you presumably already know what to anticipate from the available alternatives to Active eCommerce CMS.

Our extensive investigation reveals that 6Valley is the top choice for an affordable eCommerce CMS. It meets the perfect eCommerce requirements with all the panels, apps, and features that are required. You may receive more return on investment with less work and fully experience your eCommerce business. You have complete access to all features, both current and future, as an admin. Now is the moment for you to make up your mind and choose the top Active eCommerce CMS substitute available!


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